Lauridale White Suffolk Stud was founded in 1985.

Due to us looking for an easy care sheep which suited our hot dry climate, the White Suffolk with its bare points, good looks and overall ability to thrive in all conditions suited us.

We are using the best sires available based on LAMBPLAN and physical attributes over our 1000 plus stud ewes, naturally and AI. White Suffolk breed type is a priority.

Selling 300 Rams and 200 Ewes yearly gives you a great selection to choose from.


The 2019 On-Property Sale

will be held on Friday 11th October 2019 - 1.00pm

144 White Suffolk Rams
including 12 Specially Selected White Suffolk Rams
27 Poll Dorset Rams


Rangeview 121/16 Lauridale Sire purchase in 2016 rangeview 121 with showribbon
Rangeview 121/16
Purchased Half Share at Bendigo Show for $11,000
Great White Suffolk Type, very long and tall upstanding ram with good all round figures

Anden 58/12
Top Priced Ram purchased at on property sale $4500
Lambplan Growth rate of 20 Carcass Plus 213

Ashmore 516/16
We have purchased this ram in partnership with 3 other studs as a semen only share holder,
he has great growth muscle and fat cover WWT 11.5    PWWT 19.0    PFAT 0.6    PEMD 2.8

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