At Lauridale we aim:

  • To breed animals that is as productive and easy care as possible.
  • To breed tall, long muscular, and open faced Rams to handle tough, hot conditions in our Riverina climate.
  • To take advantage of innovative animal breeding techniques and farm management practices.
  • To provide outstanding service and accurate, relevant information to all our clientele.

Lauridale Stud

Farm Management

Lamb plan testing has been a feature at Lauridale.

Lauridale Stud


To take full advantage of the success of our genetic benchmarking, a firm management timetable was put in place when the stud was established. Our first joining takes place on November 4th for 6 weeks, followed by a second program on the 18th of February for a further 6 weeks.The AI program is timed to coincide with the second week of the first lambing. This means we have a tight lambing period (95% of ewes lamb in the first 4 weeks), which gives us management groups that allow valid genetic benchmarking.

Fertility is very important in our breeding program and any ewe that does not lamb as a maiden is culled.

Pregnancy testing is a vital part of our program as it allows us to test our stud rams and A1 performance.


At Lauridale we consider LAMBPLAN presents the most excellent objective assessment of an animals genetic merit. Measuring all lambs gives us the most accurate and reliable information from LAMBPLAN. The Lauridale flock has a SILVER data quality status within the LAMBPLAN system.

All Lambs are:

  • Tagged at birth.
  • Sire, Dam, date recorded at birth.
  • Weighed at weaning (3 months)
  • Weighed and scanned at 6 months
  • Those animals that are retained in the stud are weighed at 9 & 12 months
  • Classed for structure, conformation, and type.

Health Status

Lauridale White Suffolk's are an accredited flock free of Brucellosis. (Accreditation No.Y210)

The flock is part of the OJD Market Assurance Program and holds MN3 status. No. N290 currently having an ABC point score of 8.

151 Stud Ewes with 160% 2011 drop lambs

2010 Flock Rams sold to record average