Stud Prefix: "Lauridale"
Flock No.: 3263
Founded: 1981
Brucelloses No: Y210
OJD Status: MN3
Accredited No: N 290
NLIS PIC: NI 420474
Lambplan Recorded

Currently 140 Poll Dorset Ewes

We are a lambplan stud aiming to produce fast early growth suckers that are off farms quick.

Our aim is to produce short downs wool, clear heads and thick hindquarters with correct feet and legs.

Faraday Park 20/17 - Royal Melbourne Show Champion 2018

Aberdeen 981/17 - Extremely thick ram with size and great Lambplan figures


Characteristics of Poll Dorset's

  • Rapid Growth
  • Early Maturing
  • High lambing rate with ease of lambing
  • Capable of breeding at any time of the year
  • Superior fleshing, muscular development, and leanness
  • Suited for a variety of climatic conditions
Renowned for superior taste and tenderness