Sires Currently in Use

Following is an overview of our sires currently in use and the progeny will be available at our 2019 sale:

Sires Photo Lambplan ASBVs NOTES
Booloola 20/17   >> View

Very Correct Ram, thick with size.

Farrer 211/17   >> View

High Indexing for growth White Suffolk Ram.

Farrer 119/17   >> View

Very thick ram with Muscle scans to follow it up.

Farrer 196/17   >> View

WS/PD Cross ram using as a trial ram over both breeds.

Faraday Park 20/17 (PD) >> View

Royal Melbourne Champion Poll Dorset.

Aberdeen 981/17 (PD) >> View

High Performance ram with great type and thickness.

Lauridale 582/15 >> View

Anden 58/12 best bred son. Extreme white suffolk type.

Supreme 79/15   >> View (Not on Lambplan as using as trial). Came 1st in stockscan class 2016 Bendigo Show. Very long, good wool ram.
Lauridale 22/14   >> View 4th place ram Bendigo 2014, tall upstanding ram, very thick hindquarter and great White Suffolk type.
Lauridale 310/13   >> View

Very big and thick ram, constant performer with solid lambs that are always ready to go.

Farrer 226/13   >> View

Used as a trial ram and has thrown some of the best eye muscle and weighted lambs

Anden 58/12 >> View Extreme growth early & great White Suffolk type.
Ivadene 348/14
  >> View

Extremely long and tall ram.

Lauridale 374/17 >> View Perfect White Suffolk type, great on his feet with great width in the loin.
Lauridale 806/17 >> View A son of Lauridale 246/16 (top priced ram sold in our 2017 sale) this ram has a very large frame with muscle in the back end.
Lauridale 747/16 >> View The first son of Farrer 226/13 that we have kept. This ram has been DNA tested and his lambs from 2018 drop have topped our weaning weights and his data backs him up.
Ashmore 516/16 >> View Purchased as a semen share only ram, he is very correct and good White Suffolk type ram.
Derrynock 106/16   >> View This ram is extremely thick and his lambs on the ground this year are showing it all the way through.
Wingamin 888/16 >> View Reserve Senior Champion Ram Adelaide Show 2017. He is a very thick ram.
Rangeview 121/16 >> View Purchased Half Share at Bendigo Show for $11,000.
Great White Suffolk Type, very long and tall upstanding ram with good all round figures.
Somerset BAMBAM 98/17 >> View Extremely correct ram with a great hindquarter and loin.
Lauridale 371/16 >> View This ram is very correct in his feet and legs, with a great hindquarter.
Lauridale 421/16 >> View This ram speaks for himself, very much an upstanding ram with extreme white suffolk type and great figures.
Lauridale 522/16 >> View This is another son we have kept by Lauridale 72/12, this ram has a body not often seen with muscle in all the right areas and great wool.