Stud Prefix: "Lauridale"
Flock No.: 73
Founded: 1985
Brucelloses No,: Y210
OJD Status: MN3
Accreditted No. N 290
NLIS PIC: NI 420474
Lambplan Recorded

Currently 1000 White Suffolk Ewes

White Suffolk


  • 300 Rams Annually
  • 200 Ewes Annually

Entire Farm is now for the stud with rams and ewes being sold over a very wide area and overseas.

We like all sheep to be equal and perform by themselves to find our best sires for stud use.

Our sheep must be bare pointed and easy care, hence our White Suffolk's are not crossed where possible with other breeds.

The White Suffolk is an Australian breed developed especially for Australian conditions. The Australian White Suffolk Association was founded in September 1985 and in the short space of time since, the breed has proved itself as an ideal prime lamb terminal sire in wide-ranging areas and environments of Australia. It continues to produce outstanding results in drier agricultural areas, the higher rainfall districts and has also shown to be extremely well suited to the more arid pastoral zones.
Their success has been reflected in many ways, not the least of which has been the incredibly high strike rate of White Suffolk cross lambs in the prime lamb carcase competitions in the 1990's, scoring wins in all categories and weights.

Characteristics of White Suffolk's:

  • Noted for their fertility and libido.
  • Can be mated at any time of the year
  • Clean, smooth shouldered.
  • Open faces and clean legs.
  • White downs type wool eliminates contamination.
  • Produce fast maturing lambs for the domestic trade & can be taken through to the heavier export weights.
  • Ideal for lamb market producing high yielding and lean carcases.